Our Team

As members of the Appraisal Institute of Canada, our appraisers have been educated with the necessary skills to present detailed and knowledgeable property appraisals. These reports are widely accepted by courts, real estate corporations, lending institutions, mortgage brokerages, all levels of government and private individuals.

Meet Our Team!

Mario Musso

Mario MussoAACI, P.App

Mario started his appraisal career in 1986 as a Candidate and in 1991 designated as a CRA and 1997 as an AACI. More recently Mario has become a member of the "Right of Way" Association preparing to undertake assignments on behalf of local and federal government agencies. Since 1991 Mario has volunteered his time with the Waterloo-Wellington Appraisal Chapter under many capacities with the longest serving title as Treasurer. Mario trained as a Peer Reviewer and serves that capacity with the Appraisal Institute of Canada and offers this service as part of his business. Mario has been chairing this committee since 2012, as well as served on several other committees with the Appraisals Institute of Canada. He has been serving Southwest and Central Ontario undertaking appraisal assignments that include residential, commercial, land, industrial, multi-residential properties for the public, buyers, sellers, government agencies, solicitors, lenders, mortgage brokers and real estate brokers.

Christine Peters

Christine PetersCRA

Since 1982, Christine has been serving the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph areas as a real estate broker. In that time, she has developed many lasting and continuous relationships with many of her clients. In 1992 she became a CRA (Canadian Real Estate Appraiser) and has since dedicated herself to specializing in appraisals for residential real estate. Given her years of experience in many different areas in her field, she believes conducting business in a professional way has not only been key to her success, but to those she has served throughout her career. Conducting professional transactions and maintaining 100% customer service is paramount to developing and maintaining a good relationship with her clients.

Manuela Costerus

Manuela CosterusAIC Candidate Member

Manuela Costerus, is an AIC Candidate Member with Musso Appraisals, as well as, an agent for Trius Realty.

Jim Farrough

Jim FarroughAACI, P.App

Jim attained the AACI designation in 1986 and has over 20 years appraisal experience with all types of income producing properties, including various government programs such as Assisted Housing, Non-Profit and Co-op Housing. Jim also has over seven years experience in asset management, which includes preparing the properties for sale, reviewing construction, management and maintenance contracts through public tender and invitational tender on properties to ensure all obligations are met. He administered projects in default from the initial default stage through to acquisition. He was also responsible for property management, contracting repairs, reducing vacancy and arrears prior to sale. He ensured obligations of all contracts were met such as, but not limited to, Offers to Purchase, Mortgages, Tender Contracts, Operating Agreements, Leases, Maintenance Contracts and Property Mangement Agreements.

Jennifer Skinn

Jennifer SkinnAIC Candidate Member

Jennifer received her Bachelor's of Management and Organizational Studies from the University of Western Ontario in 2007 and promptly dove head first into the world of residential real estate, listing and selling properties in London as a real estate sales representative. After making the decision to move to Kitchener in 2011, she continued her growth in the real estate world as an licensed administrator and Fintrac Compliance Officer of a small, boutique style brokerage. Jennifer has been an AIC Candidate Member since January of 2014 and is looking forward to joining the Institute as a CRA designated appraiser as soon as possible.